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If you have railroad related items, toy trains, scale models, or prototype railroad items, that you would like to sell, you may bring them to Johnson Hall at the Placer County Fairgrounds on the last Friday before the show between the hours of 1:00 pm and 9:00 pm.  There is no charge for admission or parking Friday during these hours. Unsold items may be picked up after 4:00 pm on Sunday following the show. Payment for sold items will be made by check, less a 10% TrainMart sales commission.


Items sold at TrainMart are sold "as is".  The items may be new, or used. Sales tax is added to the list price of each item.  No sales will be made before 10:00 am on the first day of the show.


1. Train Mart is operated by International Railfair, Inc. as a convenience for individuals wishing to dispose of railroading items no longer of use to the individual. Each consignor assigns the prices for the items, and International Railfair, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the value or the quality of the item. It is operated as a volunteer project by members of European Train Enthusiasts for International Railfair, and 10% of each item's cost is donated to International Railfair, for division among the sponsoring organizations.

2. All items sold must relate in some way to the hobby of railroading. Other hobby items will not be accepted.

3. Obtain a seller's number from Eva Wise. If you sold at last year's Train Mart, use the number you used last year. If you have forgotten your number, contact Eva Wise at Phone number TBA

4. Obtain seller's cards at no cost from your club's IRF representative. If you are unable to obtain a supply that way, then email Eva Wise at Seller's cards are $1.10 for each set of 23 cards. This cost is to cover the return mailing cost only. One of these cards is needed for each item that you are selling.

5. Before you come to International Railfair, fill out a seller's card for each item, or group of items, you wish to sell, numbering them sequentially, preceding each item number with your "seller's number." For example, if your seller's number is 45, your first item would be 45-1, the second 45-2, 45-3, etc.. Keep all your "multiple" cards together.

6. Do not leave gaps between numbers. If you are selling 25 items, for example, there must be numbers from 1 to 25, and no higher.

7. Each item must have a tag or press-apply sticker attached with your complete item and seller's number (e.g. 45-1) and price clearly written on it. Place it so the public can see the cost and may include any description you care to include (scale, age, original cost, autographed edition, etc.). If you wish to sell magazines, they must be bundled securely, wrapped in plastic or tied with string to prevent removal of individual issues. They will not be accepted otherwise! Single magazines will not be accepted.

8. Bring your items as early as possible to the Train Mart for check-in, preferably Friday evening. Each item will be checked against its card as quickly as possible by one of our courteous helpers. Only after it has been checked out will any item be allowed to be placed on the tables for sale. We will be checking items in from about 3 P.M.. Friday until we leave the building around 10 P.M... We will be available Saturday morning at 8 A.M. for additional check-ins.

9. Train Mart will open at 10 A.M. (not one minute earlier) for all sales. No sales or previewing of items will be allowed to anyone before 10 a.m..

10. We will be able to check-in items between 8 A.M. and 11 A.M. Saturday morning, but please be prepared to be patient especially after 10 A.M. as most of our crew will be attending to the sales floor. If your items are properly labeled and organized, check-in for you and those that are behind you will be expedited.

11. As noted on the seller's card, IRF cannot be held responsible for any losses which may occur. We are dealing with large numbers of people, and while we wish they were all honest, there are always a few bad apples. Our crew is watching and by their presence, we hope to discourage those sticky fingers.

12. You may come to claim your unsold items any time only after 4 PM on Sunday. Once again, we ask you to be patient as we want to be certain that all the cards are properly sorted and that each individual is paid the correct amount due him/her. As during check-in, all items sold and unsold will be cross-checked with the seller's receipts.

13. Sellers or their representatives (a representative must have a signed note from the seller so stating) must claim all unsold items before we leave the fairgrounds, Sunday night. Any items left will be either discarded, or retained for sale by IRF, the entire amount of the sale price to be retained by International Railfair.

14. Payment for items will be by check (less the 10% commission for IRF) at the time of check-out.

15. For additional information, contact Eva Wise at For information about International Railfair, see

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