International Railfair Photo

Based at Roseville Yard, SP's rotary snow plows are still on-call for severe snow removal duty on Donner Pass. SP rebuilt the rotaries to convert them from steam power to electric power.
Each rotary is coupled to a modified F7B unit that generates the electricity to power the rotaries four traction motors set up to turn the rotary's shaft.
Both the rotary and F7B do not have powered axles. When called to duty, four to six 6-axle locomotives are placed between two rotary sets with one rotary facing east and the other west so that the rotary consist does not require turning while at work on Donner Pass.
The rotaries have often sat unused for several years at a time when snow conditions on the Pass are not severe enough to use the rotaries. However, they are maintained in ready condition.
This rotary was photographed near the east end of the diesel locomotive shop.
Photo by by David DeRouen - April 2004.
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